Joost Mul

Schiedam, Netherlands


Social media

Work experience


Responsible for creating a frontend and backend part to implement SEDO functionality for existing customers

September 2012 - Februari 2013

Frontend Coder

Part of the team that maintained the websites (CSS, HTML, Javscript, PHP) of TransIP and improve user experience, fix bugs and implement new features.

June 2012 - September 2014

Fullstack developer

As part of Unit Webhosting & Domain i was (among others) responbsible for implementing new features, maintaining servers and codebases and creating insights for marketeers

September 2014 - July 2015

Data engineer / Data Analyst

Started off by creating a Tableau environment, increasing usability of our current databases so end-users can gather right insights, building Data warehouses, Analytics clusters, custom event-based web statistics systems, etc.

July 2015 - October 2020

Teamlead Analytics

Teamlead of the Analytics department

October 2020 - Present

Head of ERO (Hoofd BHV)

Leading the ERO team, making decisions about the safety of all employees and creating and maintaining emergency procedures for the location Leiden

July 2018 - Present

Prevention employee (Preventiemedewerker)

Mandatory in-house ARBO-law specialist, which advices the Workers Council and MT about everything related to the Dutch Working Conditions Law

March 2019 - Present

Volunteer work

Team leader (Teamleider)

StudioGonz is a venue completely driven by volunteers. As a team leader i was responsible one for making the sure the events there went as expected. The tasks could vary from answering questions from band artists and visitors to managing emergencies.

September 2010 - April 2019

Treasurer (Penningmeester)

As part of the Treasurer-team, i was responsible for, among others, the "daily" operations, which included ensuring payments to artists, ensuring payout of the volunteers "allowance" and advising the rest of the Treasurer team

September 2010 - April 2019

Cubscout leader (Welpenleider)

September 2014 - April 2019

Board member (bestuurslid)

Groepsbegeleider since march 2020

March 2018 - Present

Regional Organiser Cubscout events (Regioorganisator welpen)

March 2019 - Present
Januari 2020 - Present

Landelijk Team Spel - Regiospelen

December 2018 - Present

Landelijk Team Spel - Speladviesteam

November 2019 - Present

Team trainers for regional organisers (Team Opleiders van regio-organisatoren)

October 2021 - Present


Effective communication (Effectief Communiceren)

Prevention emloyee (Preventiemedewerker)

Scrum Product Owner

Professional Scrum with User Experience